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Artists for Peace

And artists supporting other artists website

We support each other and in an effort to band together we have this site to coordinate our activities and events. We want to support all artists and art through this website.

Best Selling Artist

Emma Sophia

Emma is a best selling Artist that focuses on deterministic media that expands minds and generates feelings of  thoughtful contemplation. Her goal is to use her art to evoke feelings of peacefulness and meditation, and in so doing her part to bring peace to the world. She donates much of her time to the Toronto food bank and other Toronto charities. Emma would like to see her Artwork be internally recognized and focuses on bringing meaning to her work.


The world works in myserious ways through hard work, toil, blood, sweat, tears… and art.

– Emma Sophia

Upcoming Events

July 23, 2019

Bloom, Gallery Show • Toronto, ON

Emma Sophia is her latest art work at the new Bloom Gallery that has recently opened on King Street East in Downtown Toronto. Come see her work.

August 20, 2019

Listen, Gallery Opening • Toronto, ON

Emma Sophia is showing her art work at the new Listen Gallery located on Queen Street W. in Downtown Toronto.

Coming Soon!

Available Aug 16, 2019

Say, Cheese


Emma Sophia is debuting her new photography book coming out in August. You can pre-order now.

My Writing Blog

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The business of creating art

Artists need to eat, need shelter of their heads and at some point some indulgences in life too.. you know like a mobile phone and even a vacation here and there. Just because you're an artist or a writer doesn't mean that you have to be starving. It's so important to...

Making Art

Making art for me has always required a safe environment, a place where I can think, tinker, try things and fail. These sort of environment I call safe because to be honest it needs to be. If you're taking risks creating art whether it's writing, crafting, painting or...

The minds eye

The minds eye

Often I think about how we can expand our mind's eye when it's really about visualization without any impairment without bias or fogginess. Imagine being very awake, very conscious of yourself and your own presence in this world. Not distracted by media and other...

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