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Making art for me has always required a safe environment, a place where I can think, tinker, try things and fail. These sort of environment I call safe because to be honest it needs to be. If you’re taking risks creating art whether it’s writing, crafting, painting or anything else you have to feel comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable how can you create something that flows from you, if you’re constantly stressed out because of your noisy environment how can you produce anything of blue to anyone, especially yourself.

This is double true if Art is actually your business. Are you selling art as your single source of income? Meaning are you actually an artist, or a writer, that attempts to live by your art? If you are then maybe you need to consider the following tips in creating a safe space in your home or studio so that you can feel free of any negative energy, and stress that could be caused by an uncomfortable environment. Be it noise, temperature or otherwise.

1) Find a quiet space. A Starbucks doesn’t count, nor an environment where there might be noisy kids no matter how much you might love them.

2) Use the right tools. If you don’t have the right tools in your environment how can you produce anything of value?

3) Get comfortable. Do you need a special chair or desk in order to produce your Art? It’s actually very likely that you do. Think about it, if you’re sitting for hours, you need to be comfortable. Being exhausted is not conducive to creating art, especially when what’s causing the exhaustion is your chair.

4) Don’t force inspiration. If you’re not feeling very inspired to produce anything don’t force it. Don’t get angry at yourself because you haven’t written a thousand words or the next chapter of your next great American Novel. Just start writing or creating – just show up and start. Some of the greatest artists, thinkers, scientists of our time just simply showed up and grinded it out every day. Waiting for inspiration before starting will almost guarantee failure.

5) Build a routine. One of the most important aspects of this all is being routine about it. Using the same tools, finding the same space, the same chair, being comfortable. Think of this as your craft, and every craft is perfected slowly over time, one slight change here, one slight change there. Slowly but surely through trial and error you get better

And that is how Art is born!