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Often I think about how we can expand our mind’s eye when it’s really about visualization without any impairment without bias or fogginess. Imagine being very awake, very conscious of yourself and your own presence in this world. Not distracted by media and other things meant to occupy your mind from what is actually real, what is actually in front of you. Have you ever stopped to think with such an awake mind? I have to actually work quite hard to achieve that, ultimately only being able to achieve that while outside, listening the wind and the birds chirping. That’s the only way I can get to that awakened place in my mind.

Now, now that you’ve gotten there in your mind, you;’re awake, now what? Is your mind clear or is it troubled by something, someone, some thing? is that the first thought that you go to? To think about what’s bugging you? That thing that you could have done but didn’t do. That place in your mind that is constantly obsessing about what you are not, what you could have been, or what others are thinking about you? Honestly I can’t say for certain but this is where a mind goes when bored, we are constantly searching for answers to questions we don’t have because we are bored to tears, bored because we no longer have to hunt and kill and forage to survive.

So now that you don’t have to forage for survival which would take you all day long, now you have to do something to occupy your mind, to keep yourself from self destruction out of sheer boredom. This is why peace can be unattainable because we ultimately will get bored and prefer to shatter the peace that we have. There can only be equilibrium as in nature, with the pendulum swinging from moments of peace to moments of disquiet. This isn’t our nature this is because we are in fact hyper intelligent beings and out of our own boredom or sheer curiosity can end up destroying our own minds.

At the end of the day what is your minds eye? I think reading daily has helped me get through this sheer boredom. Books like this have helped me realize my true self by helping me discover the love for producing art that keeps me from my own boredom-madness.


Love ~Aria